Bringing Home A New Calf? How To Prepare For Your Mini Highlander

15 May 2023
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If you've decided to buy a mini Highlander, now's the time to prepare for their arrival. Mini Highlanders need special care and attention. Protect your mini Highlander. Have everything ready before they're delivered to your property. If you're not sure how to prepare for your new calf, read the list below. Here are four tips to help you keep your new Highlander calf happy and healthy. 

Set Up an Arrival Pen for Your Calf

If you're waiting for the delivery of your new mini Highlander calf, be sure to set up an arrival pen for them. You don't want to let your new calf loose into a large pasture as soon as they arrive. Too much space can interfere with your ability to bond with your new calf. Plus, a large pasture can create stress for your new calf.

To avoid problems, set up an arrival pen. Your new calf will spend several days in the pen, so make sure there's enough room for it to move around in. You'll also want enough room for you to go in with your calf. That way, you can interact with your mini Highlander while it adjusts to the changes.

Make Sure There's Plenty of Shade

Once your new mini Highlander has adjusted to changes, you'll want to introduce them to the pasture. Highlanders were bred for the highlands of Scotland. The temperatures can get quite cold. Because of that, mini Highlanders don't take to the heat as well as domestic cattle. One way to keep mini Highlanders cool is to provide plenty of shade for them.

Before your mini Highlander arrives, take the time to create a shady space for them to retreat. If they're going to have a lot of room to roam, set up several shade areas. That way, they don't need to travel too far when they get hot. 

Provide Access to Fresh Water

Mini highlander calves can get dehydrated fast, especially in the heat. That's why you need to provide them with access to fresh water. That can include natural streams, man-made streams, or water troughs. If your Mini Highland calf has access to fresh water, it won't get dehydrated. 

Install a Cow Scratching Post

If you're preparing the pasture for your new mini Highlander calf, don't forget the scratching post. A scratching post gives your calf a safe place to scratch its itches. It also helps remove dirt and parasites that can cause problems for your calf.