The Importance Of Selecting Healthy Cattle Feed For Your Cattle

19 November 2017
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Different types of cattle have different needs when it comes to their feed. Cattle that are show cattle need different vitamins and minerals from their food than cattle that produce dairy or will be used for meat. If you are a cattle owner, you may find yourself wondering if it is really important to find the right type of feed for different types of cattle or if you can just feed all of your cattle the same food. Here are a few of the reasons why it is important to select healthy cattle feed for the various types of cattle you may have. 

The Right Feed Minimizes Health Issues

One of the biggest benefits of feeding cattle the right type of feed is that it helps to minimize health issues. If you feed cattle the wrong kind of food, they can experience bloat, diarrhea and digestive problems. Female cattle can also have problems getting pregnant. If your cattle is ill, you may have to spend money on a vet. Feeding them the right food helps to prevent this problem and helps them to stay healthier. 

Healthy Cattle Feed Can Increase the Cattle-Based Product

Another notable benefit of selecting healthy cattle feed for your cattle is that it can increase the price of your cattle-based product. If you are showing cattle and selling them, feeding those cattle the right feed can help improve muscle tone and their coat, which may help you net more money for the animal. Milk cattle produce more usable milk when they are healthy. And cattle meat that tastes better may help you get more money for the meat, something feeding your cattle the right food can help with. 

The Correct Food Can Minimize How Much Cattle Eat

The last benefit to selecting healthy cattle feed is that the right food may actually help to minimize or decrease how much your cattle eat. Cattle do not only eat because they are hungry. If they are missing vital nutrients, their body may tell them to keep eating so that it can try to obtain those nutrients. Unfortunately, if you are not feeding the cattle the correct food, they will keep eating and eating, trying to naturally correct this imbalance. When you feed them the right food, they eat what they need without overeating to correct a nutritional deficit. 

Selecting healthy cattle feed, like Ruma-Lic Liquid Feed, is important. If you are unsure if your cattle are eating the right type of feed and getting the nutrients they need, a livestock vet can help you find the right type of feed based on the type of cattle you have and the needs of the cattle.